Architectural and Furniture

Through the years of consistent research and development, Nippon Paint is confident to offer variety of products that fits different coil coating systems. This is a mark of how we put effort in understanding the needs of our customers as we are committed to provide customers satisfaction all the time.

Our advanced product line on coil coating varies from primers, underside/backcoat and topcoat. These coil coating products provide excellent and anti-corrosion features made from high quality materials with guaranteed compliance to environmental worlds standards.

Through our competitive advantage, Nippon Paint’s products have gained reliability from leading coil coating manufacturers nationwide.


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No. Product Description Substrate Type Curing Mechanism REMARKS
1 Nippon Super Clear Gloss Varnish Wood, Steel 1- Component, Air Dry It is based on a high quality alkyd resin to give superior gloss finish and excellent appearance.
2 Nippon Urethane Gloss Varnish Wood, Steel 1-component , Air Dry It is based on a high quality alkyd urethane resin to give superior gloss finish, good water resistance and excellent appearance. Available in two variants, gloss and flat finish.